About Eric Minbiole

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been absolutely fascinated with anything technical– electronics, computers, cameras, gadgets, etc. Growing up, I loved taking things apart to see what was inside. While I couldn’t always put things back together, I loved trying to figure out how things work. Because of my love for all things technical, I pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering, and currently work as a Software Engineer. I’ve been fascinated with photography ever since borrowing my parents 110 film camera when I was young. It’s been a great hobby ever since: I love experimenting with photos, and trying new things. I especially love technical and/or trick photography. (“Gimmicks!”, as my wife jokingly calls them 😉 ) While I’m comfortable with the technical side of how to shoot, I struggle more with the artistic side of what to shoot in the first place. This is one reason I quite enjoy this group: There are fun, interesting ideas each week. I joined PhotoChallenge as a participant in 2014, and am amazed at how much this group has helped me learn. Each week, I look forward to the fun, creative challenges that Steve, Trevor, Gary, and Jeremy put together. Most importantly, the weekly challenges give me the motivation to get out there and take photos each week. (Otherwise, I suspect my camera might be gathering dust on the shelf.) As well, interacting with the fantastic members of the group– discussing suggestions, techniques, what works, what doesn’t– has been an invaluable help. I am absolutely thrilled to join the PhotoChallenge team– I’ve learned so much from the group, and hope that I can give back a little bit. If you’d like to see some of my photos, please check out my flickr page.

2019 WEEK 45: Camouflage

This week’s challenge is to show anything that appears camouflaged. Anything that blends in or tries to blend in with its surroundings would make for a good subject. This can READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 43: Balance

This week’s challenge is to take a photograph that conveys the idea of Balance. The choice of subject is completely up to you: You can use a more literal interpretation, READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 41: Fake Miniature / Tilt Shift

This week, we’ll experiment with creating “Fake Miniatures“: A photo that makes the object look like a miniature, small scale model, when it’s actually a large, full-sized object. (This is READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 38: High Key / Low Key

Thanks to Cindy Jo Bennett Csomo for suggesting this week’s challenge theme. For this week’s challenge, you can choose to create either a high key or a low key image. READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 33: Architecture: Columns, Arches, and Beams

It’s time for another Architecture challenge. This week’s theme is Columns, Arches, and Beams. Pretty much any building or structural element that helps hold something else up would be fair READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 31: Rule of Odds

The Rule of Odds is quite simple: It says that images can be more visually pleasing when they have an odd number of subjects. The basic idea is that an READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 27: Advertisement / Product Photo

This week’s challenge is to take a professional-looking photograph that would be suitable for an advertisement or a product photo. The goal is to make the product look as desirable READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 24: Nighttime Photography

This week’s challenge is nighttime photography. The exact choice of subject is up to you, as long as it was taken at night. There are lots of fun, creative options READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 22: Architecture Stairs

This week’s challenge is to photograph any set of stairs that you find interesting. They can be big or small, old or new, grand or mundane. All that matters is READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 19: Bokeh!

Thanks to Susan Roy Nelson for suggesting this week’s theme. This week, we’re looking to create photographs with pleasing “bokeh”. Put simply, bokeh is the soft, pleasingly-blurred portion of the READ MORE →