COVID-19 and the 2021 PhotoChallenge UPDATE


HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL OF US AT THE PHOTOCHALLENGE! I must admit that I wasn’t prepared to see the emotions that were transmitted with the WEEK 0 Challenge. Many READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 4: FLASHBACK – Antique, Vintage & Historical

The PhotoChallenge as created by Trevor Carpenter was designed for photographers of every level to participate by challenging themselves to the fullest. Read the challenge, think it through and if you have questions, we have a great Facebook Community where we’ll be glad to clarify and expand on any subject attributed to this challenge. READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 3: Cutlery Photography

On our side of the globe we certainly expect bad weather in early January therefore I found an indoor theme: cutlery photography. While I’m not sure if it’s an official READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 02: Photoelasticity

This week we’re playing with Photoelasticity, “the phenomenon of double refraction of polarized light by a transparent substance under elastic stress, used to measure strain in elastic, transparent materials.” READ MORE →

2022 week 01 – Black on Black

This week’s challenge is to take a photo of a black object on black background. This is however not a B&W challenge, it is mainly about lighting. The objective is READ MORE →


Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022! I hope you’re all having a great Holiday Season as we roll into the New Year! Here we are the last week, the last photo challenge of 2021! We’re rolling into 2022 with some changes for the 2022 Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 51: Christmas Stories

Childhood memories or modern stories Yes, once again it’s THIS time of the year. Many people (though of course not all) are busy preparing for Christmas. Children count the days READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 50: Holiday-inspired Minimalism

The holidays (at least in the USA) are often a time of excess – excess food, shopping, decorations, parties, etc. So I thought it would be interesting to look for simplicity within what often feels like chaos at this time of the year. This week I want you to take a minimalist photo inspired by the holidays around this time of the year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice – or any other holiday celebrated in your part of the world at this time of the year. READ MORE →

2021 Week 49: This Little Light of Mine- Manual Mode

We finally made it to our last “technical” challenge of the year! In my final challenge we are naturally going to combine all the previous technical challenges and photograph in READ MORE →

2021 Week 48 Pointillism Photography.

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce a Pointillism Painting style image. Pointillism is often considered part of the Post-impressionist movement. It was primarily invented by READ MORE →

November 24, 2021 PhotoChallenge Announcement

A quick announcement regarding Contributors for the 2022 Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge and our Friendly Community Guidelines.