The Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge and COVID-19


We at the Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge and Tempus Aura Studios understand the complexity of current events in regards to COVID-19. Many of our participants are having their daily lives altered READ MORE →

2020 Week 22: Haiku

Haiku is not a word historically associated with photography. Although brief and minimal, haiku are powerful narratives that tell a story and even paint a vivid picture. Our challenge this week is to take a photo utilizing the haiku essence. For some additional creativity, I invite you to explore haiku poetry and even choose a poem that resonates with you by trying to visually capture the poets words. For a deeper experience you could even write your own 17 syllable (5-7-5) haiku for your image. READ MORE →

2020 Week 21 Art Master Pieces.

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to Create your version of an Art Master piece, with things from your own house. A Museum Asked People To Recreate READ MORE →

2020 WEEK 19: Documentary – Daily Life during a Pandemic

It seems that our daily lives have been upended almost overnight by the COVID-19 pandemic and yet life continues as if in a parallel universe. Your challenge this week is to document (through photos) something notable that has changed in your life due to the pandemic – something that you think might be of interest to future generations (or even historians) 100 years from now. READ MORE →

2020 Week No 18 Jigsaw Collage

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce a Jigsaw Collage A jigsaw collage allows us a different way to extend our creativity in a new direction. READ MORE →


Last week, Eric brought us into the kitchen and I’m planning on keeping us there this week. Isolation for me, I cook more, I eat more of what I cook READ MORE →

2020 WEEK 14: Magnifying Glass

In an effort to make the Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge more Stay at Home Friendly, we are allowing for more creative interpretations of the theme. I figured most of you READ MORE →

2020 Week No 13 Lomography

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce an image using the Lomography method. In 1992 a group of Viennese students established the Lomographic Society International. They READ MORE →