2021 WEEK 15: Focus on the Details

This week’s challenge is NOT a macro challenge! Instead, your challenge is to notice a small scene within a larger context and then photograph that. Try to distill a scene or context into the heart of the matter. What is it about a scene that captures the essence of what you see? When you take photos with a clear intent, they will ultimately have a bigger impact on the viewer. READ MORE →

2021 Week 14: Creative Shutter Speed

This week we are taking a trip back to our camera settings and focusing (no pun intended) on specifically shutter speed and why it is important both technically and creatively. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 13: close up – edible plants (fruits, vegetables, herbs, corn etc.)

This week’s challenge theme is Close up – edible plants. Any edible plant, fruit, vegetable, herbs, leaves or whatever, no matter if still growing in a garden or field or already harvested, stored at home or a displayed in a shop, raw, dried or processed in whatever way is allowed. Mushrooms are no plants but for the sake of this challenge we assume the edible ones are (please note, that a lot of them are poisenous and not edible at all) and are allowed as well. As always, creative, out of the box ideas are welcomed and encouraged. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 12: Intentionally Blurry

While as photographers we mostly aim for sharpness in our photography (as beginners we struggle with it), it is also a creative choice. There are blurry or completely out-of-focus photos READ MORE →

2021 Week No11 Kintsugi

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce an image of The Kintsugi: The Art of Embracing Damage Kin = golden tsugi = joinery Translated to ‘golden joinery’, Kintsugi READ MORE →

WEEK 10: The Curse of the PhotoChallenge

There is however a photographic art to time-lapse photography. It’s not just an accelerated video, it’s carefully planned photography put together to create a smooth accelerated video effect. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 7: Bad Habit

This week we want to depict a bad habit. We are looking at our photography project here from a different angle: Many photographers are eager to show beautiful and positive READ MORE →

2021 Week 6: Light Meter and Intentional Exposure

Remembering back a few weeks ago we learned that there are three things that influence the exposure of an image in a given level of light, aperture, shutter speed, and READ MORE →

WEEK 5: The Photographic Wheel of Fortune

I decided to bring back an older theme we’ve used in the past, actually, Eric Minbiole was the last contributor to bring the wheel back to life for WEEK 40 of the 2018 PhotoChallenge. READ MORE →

2021 Week 3: Exposure Triangle

ne of the most important yet intimidating skills of photography is correctly achieving exposure. “Correct” exposure involves a combination of many elements and can be both technical as well as artistic and therefore is often left for the camera to decide automatically. Whether the photographer allows the camera to decide on the exposure or chooses to set it themselves, it is always achieved by three key factors: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO- thus referred to as the exposure triangle. READ MORE →