Gary Hegenbart

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I started with back in 2009, as a participant. I’d been what I would call a “serious amateur” for a few years and loved the way the challenges forced me to go beyond my comfort zone. I’d been in touch with Trevor and Jeremy via various social media and photo sharing sites, and when Photo Challenge was rebooted for 2013, I offered to help out writing posts.

I’ve always loved photography and taking pictures. I think my first camera was a Kodak disc camera way back when I was in grade school. By high school I had moved up to a Canon T-70 35mm and shot for the yearbook and school newspaper. I sort of dropped photography as a hobby during college, but picked it up again when I got my first DSLR , a Canon Rebel XT, around 2005. These days I shoot mostly with a Canon 30D or iPhone, but occasionally use an Olympus PEN or my Holga.

By day I’m an instructional design/eLearning/training developer for a telecommunications hardware company. I have an amazing wife and three wonderful daughters.

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