WEEK 33: Abstract Photography

What makes the charm of abstract photography is that while it looks easy and simple, it is actually really hard to break down our complex environment into simple lines and READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 32: Sound

While photography is a visual art, I thought it would be fun this week to engage more than just our visual sense when making our photos. In particular, I want you to make the viewer hear something (in their imagination) when looking at your photo. Click through for more details and examples. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 31 – FISH

This week I decided to make a creative challenge based on the theme word “FISH”…

A theme that relies simply on the association of the final image and its relation to the word “FISH”. READ MORE →


This week we will create an ultra wide angle photograph, 120° or even wider and you are challenged to create such a photograph without using an ultra wide angle lens.In READ MORE →

WEEK 29: The Photographic Wheel of Fortune

I decided to bring back an older theme we’ve used in the past, actually, Eric Minbiole was the last contributor to bring the wheel back to life for WEEK 40 of the 2018 PhotoChallenge. READ MORE →

WEEK 28: Monochrome (not black & white)

One of my favourite aspects of photography is the use of colour. At first I had to accept that not only candid, spontaneous shots are fun. Carefully planned and arranged READ MORE →


I chose a Wine Glass as I’m sure that every home will have one in some form or another, whether it be big, small, Crystal or even plastic. The challenge is to create something special using all the different aspects of photography that we have covered over the years. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 26: Symmetry

I’ve long been fascinated by symmetry and thought it would be fun to do a symmetry challenge this week. You can accomplish this challenge in one of two ways: in camera or in post-processing. Click through for more details and examples. READ MORE →

2021 Week 25: Creative Aperture

It’s time for a new technical challenge this week!! So far this year we have had challenges on the Exposure Triangle, Intentional Exposure, and Creative Shutter Speed. This week we READ MORE →

2021 week 24: architecture – details or partial view of houses of worship

In each and every country you will find churches, temples, mosques, synagogues or whatever such houses of worship are called depending on religion and culture.We had a similar challenge in READ MORE →