2022 WEEK 11: Guest Challenge Food – Tomato or Tomatoes

The tomato can be red, yellow, purple, or a combo of colors. There can be one or multiple tomatoes in the image. Depending on your location in the world it may be outside hanging on the vine READ MORE →

2022 Week 10 – Top Down

Create a top down photograph with interest. The purpose of this type of photo is to capture the items in your frame from a different point of view – taken READ MORE →


Complete your RUST Challenge by applying selective color to your rust image as per Eric Minbioli’s SELECTIVE COLOR PhotoChallenge. The choice of color is yours, it doesn’t have to be the rust itself kept in color, it can be any aspect of your image. I’m giving you total creative freedom in order to let you come up with a RUST Photograph that has a unique impact. READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 8: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Grain/Noise in Photography

Crank up your ISO and let’s play in low light! Once again it’s time to dive into a bit of a technical challenge and get to know your cameras a READ MORE →

2022 week 7 – The Polaroid Challenge.

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce an image representative of a Polaroid Picture. With this challenge the aim is to have fun, free you mind READ MORE →

2022 week 6 – multiplied persons

This week’s challenge is to produce an image showing one or more person(s) twice or more often in the final image looking as though they were different persons working, playing READ MORE →

2022 Week 5: Not Your Average Egg

Brief: Shoot an image of an egg (or eggs) in an exciting way. Use lighting and composition to aid you in creating an image that makes the egg interesting. The READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 4: FLASHBACK – Antique, Vintage & Historical

The PhotoChallenge as created by Trevor Carpenter was designed for photographers of every level to participate by challenging themselves to the fullest. Read the challenge, think it through and if you have questions, we have a great Facebook Community where we’ll be glad to clarify and expand on any subject attributed to this challenge. READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 3: Cutlery Photography

On our side of the globe we certainly expect bad weather in early January therefore I found an indoor theme: cutlery photography. While I’m not sure if it’s an official READ MORE →

2022 WEEK 02: Photoelasticity

This week we’re playing with Photoelasticity, “the phenomenon of double refraction of polarized light by a transparent substance under elastic stress, used to measure strain in elastic, transparent materials.” READ MORE →