2019 WEEK 28: Wabi-Sabi

This week’s theme falls under the umbrella of “words/concepts that have no English equivalent.” Wabi-sabi is a new concept for me, so I had to do a bit of research to gain a modicum of understanding about it. One definition: “Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death… it reveres authenticity above all.” (click for references) READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 27: Advertisement / Product Photo

This week’s challenge is to take a professional-looking photograph that would be suitable for an advertisement or a product photo. The goal is to make the product look as desirable READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 26: Water

It’s been a while since we’ve focused on water (no pun intended). A year ago I posted a challenge for B&W – Water photos. This week there are no restrictions READ MORE →

2019 Week 25 The Harris Shutter Effect

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce an image of The Harris Shutter Effect. The Harris Shutter Effect is a colourful and fun effect. The Harris Shutter READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 24: Nighttime Photography

This week’s challenge is nighttime photography. The exact choice of subject is up to you, as long as it was taken at night. There are lots of fun, creative options READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 23: Joy

This week we will be focusing our photographic intentions on the emotion of JOY. Perhaps most obviously, you might capture an expression of joy on a person’s (or animal’s) face. Or you might capture an image of something that brings you joy. Or create an abstract image that evokes joy.

For inspiration, you might look for poems or quotes that include the word joy. You might also look for things that symbolize joy. For example, colors, flowers, animals, etc. all have aspects related to joy. READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 22: Architecture Stairs

This week’s challenge is to photograph any set of stairs that you find interesting. They can be big or small, old or new, grand or mundane. All that matters is READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 21: Bokeh Panoramas

Thanks to Stephanie Adams for suggesting this week’s theme. This week we will be combining two recent challenges – Stitched Panoramas and Bokeh! – to create an image that has READ MORE →

2019 Week 20 B&W street photography

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce a B&W street photograph This is a fabulous example by Vivian Maier the Secret Photographer Like many of the great READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 19: Bokeh!

Thanks to Susan Roy Nelson for suggesting this week’s theme. This week, we’re looking to create photographs with pleasing “bokeh”. Put simply, bokeh is the soft, pleasingly-blurred portion of the READ MORE →