2019 WEEK 12: Window Reflections

I’ve been known to lament window reflections as having ruined a photo, but every so often I find reflections that add an important compositional element. That’s what we’re going for READ MORE →

2019 Week 11 B&W Portrait

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce a B&W Portrait The example below is from my portfolio.  Copyright PHRandallSnr TheArtyFartyMan Definition of Portrait A Portrait is a photograph READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 10: Single Subject

A big thank you to Cheryl Joy for suggesting this week’s challenge topic! This week’s challenge rules are simple: Photograph one, single subject. The subject itself can be anything– big, READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 9: Found Still Life

For this week’s challenge we are putting a twist on Still Life by photographing inanimate subject matter, whether natural or man-made, as found and without interference by the photographer. Since READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 8: Trees

We’ve had a few weeks of indoor challenges so it’s time to get outside! This week we’ll focus on trees. You can photograph a single tree or many trees, an READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 7: Interior Architecture

This week’s challenge is Interior Architecture. You can photograph any architectural element that catches your eye: Floors, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, chairs, woodwork, metalwork, something new, old, big, or small. READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 6: Refraction in Water Drops

This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, so I thought I would bring you along to join in the fun. Please note, this challenge is READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 5: Music

This week’s challenge theme is “Music”. You may choose any subject you like, as long as your photo has a strong musical theme: Musicians, instruments, radios, singing, and dancing are READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 4: Smoke, Steam or Vapor

It’s time for a technique challenge! I had so much fun photographing smoke for my photo in Week 2 that I wanted to make it a challenge for everyone. Feel READ MORE →

2019 WEEK 3: Square Crop, Centered Subject

For this week’s challenge, you’ll need to do two simple things: Take a photo with a square crop (i.e. same width and height), and center your subject within the photo. READ MORE →