2021 WEEK 13: close up – edible plants (fruits, vegetables, herbs, corn etc.)

This week’s challenge theme is Close up – edible plants. Any edible plant, fruit, vegetable, herbs, leaves or whatever, no matter if still growing in a garden or field or already harvested, stored at home or a displayed in a shop, raw, dried or processed in whatever way is allowed. Mushrooms are no plants but for the sake of this challenge we assume the edible ones are (please note, that a lot of them are poisenous and not edible at all) and are allowed as well. As always, creative, out of the box ideas are welcomed and encouraged. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 8: B&W Pseudo-Solarisation

This week’s challenge is a technical one, namely to simulate a B&W Pseudo- Solarization (also known as Sabattier Effect) by means of a considerable change of the gradation curve. Now, READ MORE →

2021 week 2: shadowless object photography

This weeks challenge is to take a photograph of one or more objects on white background without any shadows. As long as an object has a simple outline it is READ MORE →