2022 week 18- Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) or intentionally out of focus

This week’s challenge is to take a photo which is intentionally blurry by means of ICM or completely out of focus in order to create abstract images which have a READ MORE →

2022 week 13 – Animal portrait

This week’s challenge is to take a B&W or color portrait of an animal of whatever kind. Pet, domestic or wild animal, bird, reptile, fish or insect, it’s your choice. READ MORE →

2022 week 6 – multiplied persons

This week’s challenge is to produce an image showing one or more person(s) twice or more often in the final image looking as though they were different persons working, playing READ MORE →

2022 week 01 – Black on Black

This week’s challenge is to take a photo of a black object on black background. This is however not a B&W challenge, it is mainly about lighting. The objective is READ MORE →

2021 week 46 – Spiderwebs

This week’s challenge is to take a photo of something which is always easy to find but not always easy to photograph: a spiderweb. Always easy to find however does READ MORE →

2021 week 42 – Patterns in Nature

This week’s challenge is to find and take a photograph of a Pattern in Nature. A pattern in general is a structure characterized by a more or less uniform reptition READ MORE →

2021 week 34 – Minimalist photography

This week’s theme is Minimalist photography. Minimalist photography is distinguished by extreme, austere simplicity.It emphasizes spareness and focuses solely on the smallest number of objects in the composition process.Keep it READ MORE →


This week we will create an ultra wide angle photograph, 120° or even wider and you are challenged to create such a photograph without using an ultra wide angle lens.In READ MORE →

2021 week 24: architecture – details or partial view of houses of worship

In each and every country you will find churches, temples, mosques, synagogues or whatever such houses of worship are called depending on religion and culture.We had a similar challenge in READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 19 – Flower photography – close-up or macro of a single flower (plant)

The goal of this week’s challenge is to take a close-up or macro shot of a blossom, a single flower, or a single plant with one or more blossoms. READ MORE →