2022 Week 5: Not Your Average Egg

Brief: Shoot an image of an egg (or eggs) in an exciting way. Use lighting and composition to aid you in creating an image that makes the egg interesting. The idea here is to think outside the box to help you grow as a photographer and not to just post a simple snapshot of an egg.

“Escape” by Rainie Mills

Regardless of where you are in your photographic journey, an egg can offer an incredible learning experience in lighting. How does the type of light you are using affect the image? How does it wrap around the egg? How does the light react when you put it closer or pull it away. Notice these interactions as you think about how you would like to portray your egg.

Some other things to think about:

  • Is there a creative way of presenting your egg?
  • Can you challenge yourself to shoot a white egg on a white background and make it interesting (think shadows)?
  • Can you use design elements in the photo (rhythm, repetition, harmony, unity, balance, contrast, etc.) to create an interesting photograph?
  • Consider what props you might use and how they affect the overall image while making the egg the hero of the image.
  • Consider the color palette and how that will affect the egg as the hero of the shot.
  • Consider what message you are trying to convey with the shot. 
  • Consider symbolism – does/can the egg represent something other than an egg? 
  • Consider the angle you choose to shoot from – is it the most creative representation?
  • Consider the type of light you will use for the image you are trying to portray. Hard Light or Soft Diffuse Light? Natural Light or Flash/Strobe? Maybe colored light?
  • There are many states an egg can be in, whole, cooked, cracked, packaged, etc… consider what state you want to represent the egg in.

There are some creative ideas on this Pinterest Board or a simple Google search can provide you with a plethora of creative muses.

Challenge Summary

  • Take a new photo of an egg in an interesting way.
  • Post your photo during the week of Sunday, January 30 and Saturday, February 05.
  • Please remember to comment on at least FIVE photo submissions this week by answering the question “why?” in your comments. In other words, “why do I like (or not like) this photo?” or “why did this photo catch my eye?”

The friendly community guidelines are pretty simple

  • Take a new photo for the current weekly theme, not something from your back catalog or someone else’s image.
  • Post your photo each week to our active communities on Facebook or Flickr (or both). Tag the photo:  #2022photochallenge #photochallenge #tempusaura
  • Don’t leave home without your camera.

Participating in the 2022 Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge is fun and easy.

About Rainie Mills

I am a self-taught photographer living in beautiful Naples, Florida with my husband, daughter and grand-dog. In 2014 I bought my first DSLR and started my photography journey. I had no idea it would become such an addicting hobby! I fumbled through learning what all the buttons were for, what the settings meant and what photography really was about. During my early days of learning, I found The Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge which provided me with guidance and feedback to become a better photographer. This group made me grow more than any basic reading or videos I was doing at the time because feedback is so important in learning. Today, I mainly lean towards product and fine-art photography, however, since moving to Florida I see myself moving into the wildlife realm. I love photography and creating art and look forward to creating challenges that will inspire the members of the Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge community. You can find some of my work at rainiemills.com or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rainiemills