Entropy is the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder. —James R. Newman READ MORE →

Week 11: OUT OF PLACE – 2018 Trevor Carpenter Photochallenge

We can all agree that trash and litter doesn’t have its place on our streets or in nature. The possibilities are endless, they will depend on your interpretation of the theme and your lifestyle. I’m an outdoor individual who loves nature, therefore my examples are nature-related but in no way shape or form should you feel that my priorities should reflect your priorities when it comes to this challenge. A great image will always portray a part of you. READ MORE →

Changes and a New Year

As we approach the end of PhotoChallenge.org‘s first full year, I’m quite satisfied with the work you all have accomplished. Last year at this time, I was announcing the beginning READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week #15

This field of yellow flowers grows just down the street from my parents’ home. Whilst shooting for the April Challenge, I saw this across the street. As we emerge from READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week #12

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted a 2008 Challenge shot in a while. I hit a lull, but now I’m back. This past week, I realized that my READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week 8

Bummer, I missed last week’s submission. Forgive me? This week’s shot is from the Carpinteria Harbor Seal Preserve. I took the family there to view the newly born baby seals. READ MORE →

Multiple Challenge submissions today…

Today’s submission to the February Challenge launches my new color, blue. When I’m driving home from work in the morning, I get to see some gorgeous sunrises. I stopped today READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week 5

2008 Challenge, week 5 This week’s photo submission to the 2008 Challenge is represented by one quite simple view to my community, our city limit sign. Ring Solar Panel White READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week 4

  2008 Challenge, week 4 So, this week has been completely soggy here in Southern California. It has rained SOOOO much. I wanted to capture our muddy agricultural world. Pet READ MORE →

2008 Challenge, week #3

  2008 Challenge, week #3 This week my community is in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’m up for a short week with the wife, kids, and my parents. I was certain READ MORE →