2022 Week 5: Not Your Average Egg

Brief: Shoot an image of an egg (or eggs) in an exciting way. Use lighting and composition to aid you in creating an image that makes the egg interesting. The READ MORE →

Week 11: OUT OF PLACE – 2018 Trevor Carpenter Photochallenge

We can all agree that trash and litter doesn’t have its place on our streets or in nature. The possibilities are endless, they will depend on your interpretation of the theme and your lifestyle. I’m an outdoor individual who loves nature, therefore my examples are nature-related but in no way shape or form should you feel that my priorities should reflect your priorities when it comes to this challenge. A great image will always portray a part of you. READ MORE →


No matter where you live or where you find yourself, there’s always a tight and unique relationship formed between mankind and the animal kingdom. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js Sometimes the bond between two READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 18: STILL LIFE – BOOKS

The invention of the printing press is one of the greatest achievements in human history. Books transformed the way people share information, stories, history, and religion. These days the internet and TV READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 15: STILL LIFE – CONTAINER

Once again it’s time for another still life. This week the theme is container. No, not a shipping container. A container in this context anything you put something else in. Check around READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 11: STILL LIFE – TOY

Continuing with Still Life photography, this week’s theme is Still Life – Toy.  One of the key aspects of still life photography is controlling depth of field. Last week you got READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 7: STILL LIFE – CAMERA

Wow, the PhotoChallenge.org community seems to have exploded with new members this year. Awesome! We love seeing all the amazing and creative photos the community comes up with every week. READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 3: STILL LIFE – FRUIT

Photo Challenge 2014 has gotten off to a great start! This year is a little different than last year, and will be more challenging. Trevor will be focusing on landscape READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 2: LIGHTING

Welcome to week 2 of the 2014 challenge! As Trevor noted last week, each of the posts he writes will have something to do with landscape photography. This extra focus READ MORE →