2018 WEEK 7: 2009 FLASHBACK – COLOR:RED – 10th Anniversary Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge

Day 32: COLOR:RED – As we continue to visit a decade of Photo Challenges, I decided to go back to February 2009. One thing I’m realizing is the simplicity that was, The Photo Challenge. READ MORE →

2017 PHOTOCHALLENGE, WEEK 8: Long Exposures Animated GIF

This may sound a little strange, but it’s as much fun as you can have with a camera, a computer and a little time on your hands. If you let READ MORE →

February Challenge, 2010: I Ate This

It’s time for the first Monthly Challenge of 2010! In addition to the 2010 Challenge, we will have monthly challenges every other month during the year. Everyone is welcome to READ MORE →

February Challenge recap

Since I’ve already apologized, I won’t wade through my guilt again. However, I am still quite sorry that I dropped the ball and failed to actively participate in my own READ MORE →

Do you have it in you to forgive me?

I want to just come out and say it… I am a looser, and I did not effectively participate in my own challenge! There, now I feel better. This month READ MORE →

February Challenge, blue

So, this challenge is really a hard one. It’s turned out to be much more difficult than I thought to hunt down a few good photos each week. The first READ MORE →

Multiple Challenge submissions today…

Today’s submission to the February Challenge launches my new color, blue. When I’m driving home from work in the morning, I get to see some gorgeous sunrises. I stopped today READ MORE →

Beautiful day for a walk…

February Challenge, week 2 Today we took the kids to the park. The Princess and The Padawan brought their bikes and we let them ride all over the place. With READ MORE →

February Challenge; Ready, set, go!

Today marks the beginning of the February Challenge, a challenge focused on growing our understanding of color theory in photography. The announcement post covered the details and the guidelines. Then, READ MORE →

One week left, until the February Challenge

Well, the February Challenge is just around the corner. We’re all getting ready to practice our Color Theory ideas. What are you thinking about shooting? I’m thinking about some landscapes, READ MORE →