Do you have it in you to forgive me?

I want to just come out and say it…

I am a looser, and I did not effectively participate in my own challenge!

There, now I feel better. This month turned out to be a poor choice, for personal reasons. Everything is fine, I just did not have the time, motivation, or energy to accomplish the February Challenge, like I wanted.

So, many of you did an awesome job of shooting with a color theme each week. I saw that a lot even shot more than the basic 3 shots, but chose your own favorites to blog about. Well done.

I’ll gather up the majority of your shots, and blog a recap here, in a few days. I already have an April Challenge planned, and I’ll be announcing that in a week or so. Hopefully, I can get this back on track.

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  1. laanba

    I failed as well which doesn’t surprise me. I went out of town and just could not recover in time to get back on track. BUT one of the photos I did take for the project has zoomed to the top of my recent favorite photos list. I never would have taken it if not for the project so cheers.

  2. Brian Auer

    I kinda fell off the boat too. I took photos all the way through week 4, I just haven’t processed them or posted them yet. Then I took one photo in the final week.

  3. Julie

    Heh. I’m glad that I decided not to participate. Not only did I have the camera issues, but I’ve been down with the bug for two weeks. I’d have had to back out as well. Still under the weather, but I’m gearing up for an tabletop shoot.


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