One week left, until the February Challenge

Well, the February Challenge is just around the corner. We’re all getting ready to practice our Color Theory ideas. What are you thinking about shooting? I’m thinking about some landscapes, with a little post-production to help enhance the color. I’m also considering some textured close-ups, like maybe a rug or fabric. However, ever since I announced this challenge, I’ve been seeing tons and tons of “color”. Everywhere I go I’m saying to myself, “Hey, that’ll make a great green.” Etc.

Let’s review the guidelines:

  • Shoot with one color theme each week.
  • Shoot three images a week.
  • Shoot each of the 5 weeks of February.
  • Tag your images, “februarychallenge”, at Flickr and Zooomr.

In the first post, I showed you a few really great Color Theory focused photos. Head back there to see them again. This time, I’d like to help you read some really great, detailed articles that will help every photographer understand the use of color in their work. Each of you should read these articles.