February Challenge; Ready, set, go!

Today marks the beginning of the February Challenge, a challenge focused on growing our understanding of color theory in photography. The announcement post covered the details and the guidelines. Then, my “It’s almost here” post helped teach us even more, with a few links.

So, now that it’s here, let’s keep tabs on each other’s work by tracking our tagged images on Flickr and Zooomr, the primary location for the participants in this challenge. On Flickr, take note of photos that were taken in February, 2008. (I’ll be tagging my photos “februarychallenge” AND “februarychallenge2008”.)

Go!Go! Bokeh...


2008 Challenge, week 5

Here’s my first few images to start us off. I’ve chosen green as my color for the week. Since this week starts on Friday, and ends this weekend, I figured that I only had a few days to get a few good ones. I won’t only shoot 3 a week. In fact, I hope to shoot much more. When I’m done, I think I’ll gather my favorite three from each week. Those may be what I publish in my Challenge book.