2016 PhotoChallenge Introduction

We’ll have a few more details to trickle down this next week but gist is completed.  Over the years we’ve had a variety of participants and just a few admins READ MORE →

Test Post…

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September Challenge, week 4 (environmental portraits)

I can’t believe I missed the announcement of week 4, for the September Challenge. Many have been good enough to keep on working, but I forgot to remind you all. READ MORE →

September Challenge: Are you keeping up?

We’ve shifted to week #2 of the September Challenge, are you keeping up? Last week we shot Close Up Portraits. I saw many great shots on Flickr, and I’m continuing READ MORE →

September Challenge, ready? Go!

Real quick, today is September 1st, 2008. That means you should be shooting for the Portrait Challenge. Don’t forget from the update post, this week we’re focusing on Close Up READ MORE →

Are you ready? May Challenge, let’s go!

The May Challenge begins tomorrow! That means the April Challenge finishes today. Have you been enjoying this so far? As you know, this challenge has us shooting a new object READ MORE →

April Challenge #11, #12, & #13

Here’s a little entropy on my wife’s car. It happened several months ago, but is true even today. Can you see me in the reflection? One of my neighbors missed READ MORE →

I did it, I upgraded.

Just a quick note to tell you that I’ve upgraded the blog software to WordPress 2.5. What do you think?   20% OFF your Corporate 360 Virtual Tours during the READ MORE →

Boring first post

I have nothing important to say. This blog will be the home of the infamous monthly Challenges from TrevorCarpenter.com October Challenge (2007) December Challenge (2007) 2008 Challenge   20% OFF READ MORE →