September Challenge: Are you keeping up?

We’ve shifted to week #2 of the September Challenge, are you keeping up? Last week we shot Close Up Portraits. I saw many great shots on Flickr, and I’m continuing to be excited about this week. Now you should be focusing on Couples Portraits. They can be candid or posed. They can be close or in a nice setting. They can be natually lit or under some strobes. Whatever you want! Just get out and shoot! My friend Josh, over at Honeysuckle Photography, has some wonderful examples of couples portraits. Don’t just think of a couple in love. You can shoot siblings or friends, you have many options.

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  1. Jeremy Hall

    This is where it starts to get harder for me. Moving from one subject to arranging at least two people to be there for a shoot! I am enjoy working to keep up with the challenge, especially how it is getting me out there shooting.


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