2016 PhotoChallenge Introduction

We’ll have a few more details to trickle down this next week but gist is completed. 

Over the years we’ve had a variety of participants and just a few admins and contributors. It can take its toll, or sometimes we just need a break. We’ve mixed up the challenge format before, just to lighten our load. Several years ago I think it was just Jeremy and I that did a DAILY CHALLENGE! That was killer!

So this next year’s model will be a little different, but not too much. You’ll still get an overarching theme from Gary, Steve, and myself. Me, I’ll tell you now, I’m going with portraits, all year. I hope to point you to some really good articles as we cover different techniques. I’m no master, so I hope to grow as much as you. 

Then, the fourth week, we’ll have a guest post writer. This is where you come in. We need interested parties to contact us now. We’re gonna be subjective, so bear with us. We just don’t want a bunch of submissions to come rolling in, before we have a chance to chat about it. 

If you’re interested, now is the time to let us know. We’ll proofread and approve your post, so don’t fret forgetting something. We’ll have you email us the post, along with at least the URLs for the images. Nearly all the images I use are from the Creative Commons licensing at Flickr. Helps avoid any legal issues, and I like how Flickr presents the photo with their code. I even post my own images in the blog post, with flickr’s code. Consistency. 

As far as the theme is concerned, you’re free to pick your own…as long as it’s not one of 2015 or 2016’s themes. I’m sure many of you have had a yearning for something to be covered. 

I look forward to seeing whom will step up and challenge us all to something new. 

About Steve Troletti

I'm a Location Scout, Editorial, Nature, Wildlife and Environmental Photographer based in Malibu, California. I specialize in Nature and Urban Nature photography including Infrared Landscapes. The Bulk of my work takes place in the Los Angeles, California area, Greater Montreal Region, Canada, Switzerland, France and Varese in Northern Italy. Ethical wildlife photography is the main priority and focus of my work. A minimum disturbance of the animals, their habitat and the environment is my top priority. This applies as much to total wilderness areas as it does to urban nature environments. Ongoing education of environmental issues and building awareness for the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas around the world is what drives me to document the beauty that surrounds us.

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  1. Todd Hepworth

    Wow! We just jumped ahead 90 years. I wonder what cameras are like now. (It says 2106 instead of 2016 in the title.)

    I’m really looking forward to the portrait challenges.

    1. Trevor Carpenter Post author

      Generally the Contact Us menu at the top is a good way for all of us to get an email. At the top of my profile page, I have covertly put my email address as well. If you’re wanting to volunteer to write one of the submissions yourself, you can email me the details, or you could use FB to message us. Either way we’ll get you on the list. We have 3-4 volunteers already.

    1. Trevor Carpenter Post author

      Sigrid, I know that several of our themes will allow for these types of lessons to be applied. There’s a good chance you could talk Steve into working this closely into one of his posts. Since I’m doing portraits, it would be a subset to an environmental portrait, that I’m sure you’ll see turn up soon enough.

    1. Trevor Carpenter Post author

      As soon as you have an idea, try to follow the format we’ve written in.

      -introduce the theme
      -explain why you like it or it’s important to you
      -explain how to complete the theme properly.
      – and we’ll make sure the guidelines get inserted at the end.

      If you want to insert all the Flickr code, go ahead. But otherwise, just give us the urls to the Flickr photos you want.


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