September Challenge, week 4 (environmental portraits)

I can’t believe I missed the announcement of week 4, for the September Challenge. Many have been good enough to keep on working, but I forgot to remind you all. Please, please forgive me.

Environmental portraiture is quite possibly the most exciting portrait work. This is the kind of work you find in a lot of advertising. You’ll also see this in those popular, “day in the life” books. Even a standard posed shot on vacation could be considered an environmental portrait.

One of my favorite enviro-portrait shooters is Thomas Hawk. His stuff is pretty cool. Darren Rowse wrote a great post at The Digital Photography School you should read. The Washington Post even covered the topic back in 2006. And Flickr has a group dedicated to them as well.

DSC_3704Look at the artOh yeah, an empty pool is next

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    Definitely need to thank you for taking the time to put these things together. My story is typical. I start out strong at the beginning and taper off by the end of the month as 3 kiddos always need something. But it definitely gets me thinking about the theme and seeing things differently. Also thank to you and the other participant for the feedback. Very helpful.

  2. Jeremy Hall

    Ditto with Natahan’s comments. I was stronger in the challenge in the early weeks and hit some time issues later on. That said, the challenge did exactly what I had hoped, got me out shooting with challenging themes that got me trying to think creatively. I was happy overall with my results and hope I am a better portrait photographer now because of the effort.

  3. trevor

    Thanks, Nathan. I’m glad you joined us. Come back in November, as we’ll be doing another challenge.

    My plan is actually to announce the November Challenge real soon. I’d like to catch as many September Challenge participants.

  4. Nathan Marx

    The photochallenge has been very much a challenge. I did well for a portion of it, but have suffered time crunch problems. The challenge has been great in that there were times when I wanted to put my camera down, but I kept going for that shot…

    Ended up with more awesome photos because of it, and grew/learned more. Glad I found you site and decided to take the challenge. Thanks for putting you time forward to help everyone out!


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