Are you ready? May Challenge, let’s go!

The May Challenge begins tomorrow! That means the April Challenge finishes today. Have you been enjoying this so far?

As you know, this challenge has us shooting a new object each week of May. This week is the first week in May, and right now I’m announcing the first object.


It’s that easy. Select a beverage and shoot it for the next 3 days. If you have speed-lights or strobes, set up a studio and get creative. Get out and shoot it as many different ways as possible. Below I’ve selected a sample beverage, coffee.

Now, let me make it clearer. You need to stick to the same object. So, the samples are geared to get your imagination going. But, what I’m looking for is a constant use of the same object. That doesn’t mean that you have to shoot the same cup of coffee. Just stick with the same identifiable object.

Don’t forget to tag all your submissions correctly; “photochallenge”, “maychallenge, “maychallenge2008”.