WEEK 20: Happy Mother’s Day 2018

This year it came more clearly to my attention that not everyone for their own personal reasons welcome Mother’s Day. Since we’re taking TWO very different approaches to Mother’s Day here at the Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge, you’re going to have a choice as to which path you want to take. You can even take on both challenges and post TWO DIFFERENT IMAGES this WEEK. READ MORE →

May Challenge, 2009

It’s that time again! Time for the May Challenge. I must say, that past year plus had been quite fun. I enjoy watching each of you get the challenge and READ MORE →

May Challenge recap

You know, the May Challenge was challenging! Obviously I missed out on participating as much as many of you did. You clearly had a good time and were quite creative READ MORE →

May Challenge, week 5, day 3

Taken on the drive home, along the Pacific Ocean, whilst driving the PCH, my thumb is wonderful.

May Challenge, week 5

For this fifth and final week of May, 2008, you’re going to shoot your thumb. That’s it! Each day I want to see a new and unique shot of your READ MORE →

May Challenge, week 4

This week, I want to see SEVEN. That’s it. 7. Seven of anything. I’d prefer to see seven of something. The number 7 is acceptable too. Below are a few READ MORE →

May Challenge, week 3

Woah, hold on there. Nobody freak out! It’s time to shift gears and start shooting for week 3. This week we’ll be shooting our shoes. Yup! That’s it, I want READ MORE →

May Challenge, week 2, day 2

Southbound, PCH I took this, with my Blackberry Pearl, whilst driving home from work today. I guess I could have dropped my phone if I’d hit a bump. I didn’t.

May Challenge, week 2…

This week we’re shooting an automobile. Choose one, and shoot it all week. It doesn’t have to be yours, but it does have to be the same one for each READ MORE →

May Challenge, week 1, day 3

Like their father, my sons yearn for every bit of a coke.