May Challenge recap

You know, the May Challenge was challenging! Obviously I missed out on participating as much as many of you did. You clearly had a good time and were quite creative in meeting the weekly challenges. To recap each of the weeks’ challenges…

  1. Beverage
  2. Automobile
  3. Your Shoes
  4. the # 7
  5. Your Thumb

I’d say that the participation was great. I’m pleased with the regular amount of people who are taking the initiative to stretch themselves and stick to a shooting challenge. Forcing yourself to be creative, whilst following a set of guidelines can really be great for your own photographic imagination. For those who have been involved, at any level, I know that you’re glad you joined us.

Here’s the whole set of participants. Below are a few of my favorites…

Thumbs: Old timeThumb: printSeven Wheels on a TankSeven may be luckySeven 5 of 7Seven BucksTwo Feet In a YardMay 2008 Challenge - Week3 Day3Dusty ShoesShoes: p0rnAutomobile: Beauty in the BeastMay 2008 Challenge - Week2 Day5May Challenge, week 2, day 4May Challenge 2008 #05Automobile 5 of 7Windshield WiperslightYearmilk 2Cap OffbottleOfSudsDaiquiri, Strawberry, FrozenFoamy BeerscrewTopMay Challenge, week 1, day 1