WEEK 20: Happy Mother’s Day 2018

This year it came more clearly to my attention that not everyone for their own personal reasons welcome Mother’s Day. Since we’re taking TWO very different approaches to Mother’s Day here at the Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge, you’re going to have a choice as to which path you want to take. You can even take on both challenges and post TWO DIFFERENT IMAGES this WEEK. READ MORE →

2018 WEEK 13: 2010 FLASHBACK – DOWN LOW – 10th Anniversary Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge

This is like eight years ago and I can remember shooting two images like it was yesterday. I’m pretty sure I submitted a couple more but those seem long gone from my memory. READ MORE →

March Challenge Recap

I’m four weeks late with this and for that I apologize…. but better late than never, right? The March Challenge this year was night shooting. We challenged you to post READ MORE →

March Challenge, 2009: Night Shooting

It’s time for another monthly challenge! The January monthly challenge was to shoot a self-portrait every day. A lot of you participated, and got very creative with your ideas. In READ MORE →