2018 WEEK 8: B&W – Shadows / The Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge

Shadows can be a compositional element creating balance. Similar to reflections, they double the volume of the subject. I can see the heart shape captured below as a popular choice, but there are many other mirrored shadows that might be interesting subjects. I encourage you to be creative. READ MORE →

Week 3: THE GOLDEN MEAN – 2018 Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge

A Special Photo Challenge inspired by Stephanie Adams Remember when the perfect circle Photo Challenge came out? Well, this is where I was headed, the Golden Mean, also known as Fibonacci’s READ MORE →

2015 Challenge, WEEK 20: ARCHITECTURE – Stairwell 

Stairwells were once an important part of the architect’s work. They used their artistry to display more beauty in their work. Today a stairwell isn’t designed, other than for structural READ MORE →

2009 Challenge Day 347: STAIRS

Today is Sunday, December 13, 2009. Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is STAIRS. Walk up, walk down. What kind of stairs will you see today? Stairs can be a very READ MORE →