We’ll miss you for now

If you haven’t noticed, there appears to be an absence among us. As can be expected, our lives eb and flow with activity and stages. With that said, my compatriot READ MORE →


We are back to a Macro challenge. This week, lets point our lenses at the things that keep it together – fasteners! Anything that acts as a fastener is fair READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 29: COMPOSITION – FILL THE FRAME

This week we are going to try out a composition technique that encourages you to get up close to your subject – filling the frame. This week, try to do READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 25: COMPOSITION – FRAMING

This week, lets get back to a technical challenge and talk about framing when composing the photo. Framing is a composition technique that allows you to emphasize the subject by blocking READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 21: COMPOSITION – SYMMETRY

We are back to another technical challenge, once again focusing on a composition technique. This week, we will be shooting symmetry. Symmetry is the correspondence in size, form, or arrangement on opposite sides of a line or plane. READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 17: Composition – Leading Lines

For this week’s challenge, we will once again practice a composition technique. This time, we will be working on leading lines. Leading lines help lead your viewers into an image. READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 14: COMPOSITION: RULE OF THIRDS

This week, lets focus on a technique used when composing photographs: The Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is a composition technique that can be used when laying out READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 50: Light Painting

I’ve been saving this challenge for the time of year with the longest nights, because once you try it, you will want to do more of it! Light painting is READ MORE →

Hello – An Introduction

Hi there! My name is Jeremy Brooks, and as Trevor mentioned, I will be joining the photochallenge.org blog staff. First, a little about me. Professionally, I’m a senior software engineer. In READ MORE →