2014 Challenge, Week 21: COMPOSITION – SYMMETRY

We are back to another technical challenge, once again focusing on a composition technique. This week, we will be shooting symmetry. Symmetry is the correspondence in size, form, or arrangement on opposite sides of a line or plane. READ MORE →

2013 PhotoChallenge, Week 45: SYMMETRY

One of the most helpful tools I brought with me to photography was a general understanding of graphic design and art appreciation. Knowing effective ways to compose a piece of READ MORE →

2010 Challenge, Weeks 29-32: SYMMETRY

Hey, you’ve lasted more than halfway through the year! Way to go! This marks our eighth theme of the year, and for the next four weeks we’ll be shooting one READ MORE →

2009 Challenge, Day 30: SYMMETRY

Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is SYMMETRY. I was looking for a definition of what symmetry is, and came across this: “The imprecise sense of harmonious proportionality and balance reflecting beauty READ MORE →