2010 Challenge, Weeks 13-16

Welcome to the fourth theme in the 2010 Challenge! For the next four weeks, we will be shooting one photo each week, with the theme of DOWN LOW. This theme is more about the composition than the subject. The simplest way to see this theme is that I want you to get down low on the ground. Don’t just shoot up into the sky or ceiling. You can do that standing up. No, I want to see whatever subject you choose from a very low point of view. In fact, I’d like us all to commit to shoot from below 12 inches (30 centimeters).

“Down low”, by kennymatic

I’ve found that alternative views of some even mundane subjects can open up whole new artistic visions. I’d encourage you to not just seek out one photo, to fulfill the weekly shot, but take several opportunities to head out and shoot a variety of things, from that very low down angle. I’m sure you’ll discover that you have found some beautiful photographs attempting this theme each week, but please only submit one per week for the 2010 Challenge.

“Untitled”, by M31.

Seeing that we’re encouraging everyone to submit just one photo for each week of the 2010 Challenge, make sure the one you finally select is your best. If you’re not being forced to select one from many good photos, then you’re may not be challenging yourself enough. We trimmed the 2010 Challenge down to one shot a week, for the very reason of allowing you the freedom and time to plan and practice each week’s shot. Shoot many, but select just one.

“436-730 Down Low”, by JoelZimmer

Let’s not forget the guidelines, Ok? You can post your weekly shot any time during the week. When posting, please add your photo to the photochallenge.org pool on flickr, and tag the photos with “2010challenge” and “2010challengeXX”, where XX is the week in a two digit format (13, 14, 15, 16). Of course, you are welcome to join in at any time, and if you miss posting during one week, just make it up the following week. This is about having fun and challenging yourself to become a better photographer, so the rules are guidelines. You won’t be punished or banned from the group if you miss a week or make up a shot.