Naturally the entire process works better outdoors. Your image will have to include a decent amount of sky from edge to edge. The image above is one I used for a TinyPlanet and is a good example of proportions to use. It works well from a rectangular perspective, as an equirectangular image and as a PhotoSphere as seen below. The advantage with an equirectangular image VS a Rectangular Pano is that you will have ends that match each other. READ MORE →

2016 PhotoChallenge Week 1: B&W – MINIMALISM

Welcome to the the 2016 PhotoChallenge! Like last year, Trevor, Steve, and I will each stick to a theme throughout the year. My theme for the year goes back to READ MORE →

2015 CHALLENGE, WEEK 23 OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY – PhotoSpheres & 360 Degree Panoramas

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA https://theta360.com/widgets.js Here’s what we call a photosphere. Although more popular with Android Phone users, I believe the concept was initially READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 12: Technology

Keeping in mind that the personal computer started creeping into our homes in the 1980s, technology has been evolving at an astronomical rate. Our daily lives in modern society are READ MORE →