Produce an Image to be used as part of a greeting card that represents the Holiday Season. Since this is outdoor photography, it needs to be taken outdoors. Apply what you have learned this past year. You may choose to do a Nigh-Time HDR or a long exposure. Maybe even both. We’ve played with Infrared and you would be surprised what Holiday decorations can look like under infrared light on a bright sunny day. The technique is for you to choose. As the photographer, you will be creating the image and using the technique that will be the best suited to bring your final image to life. READ MORE →

2009 Challenge, Day 210: CARDS

Today is Wednesday, July 29, 2009. Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is CARDS. Playing cards, cue cards, business cards, moo cards, greeting cards…. There are many ways to shoot today’s READ MORE →