2009 Challenge

Have you seen those 365 day, self portrait photo projects? If you’re on Flickr, you probably have. You set out to take a self portrait of yourself, (that’s what a self portrait is), and shoot one every day, all year long.

I’m not so sure if I could pull it off. Oh, I could take my own photograph, that’s not the issue. The issue is whether or not I could shoot one everyday, all year long. I’d probably do well, until about March. Then, I’d tank.

However, there are some good things out of digging down and finding the endurance to remain committed to a project like that. I’d like to harness a project like this, and use it to our advantage. What? We’re going to do a similar Challenge, just with a twist!

This year, 2009, we’re going to be shooting one photo-a-day. Yup, you read that right! Not one a week, like the 2008 Challenge. Nope, we’re going to shoot one shot a day.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. I’m not sure if anyone of you will actually succeed at a fresh shot, every day. There may be a few, but I doubt it. Is that a negative attitude? Probably, but I don’t care. It’s just true.

HOWEVER, I want to let it be known; I don’t care if you jump (back) in the middle. Go ahead and take a break. Go ahead (those of you reading this several months from now) and join us, right where we’re at. No need to be worried, JUST START TAKING PHOTOS!

What are we going to shoot?

We’re going to be shooting a new topic each day. OMG! How will they do that?! You’ll just have to keep coming back too see.

Today, I’m announcing the first topic, for just January 1st, 2009.

Chair by Window

Read all the way to the bottom, for it. Each day, you’ll need to return, and get your next challenge. Additionally, you can choose to submit your email and subscribe to getting an email each day, when we announce the topic for the day.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and shoot!

Oh yeah, you need a topic. Well, why don’t you go out and find us the best photo you can, of a chair. That’s it, a chair.

Also, when you post your photos, be sure to tag them with “2009challenge” so that we can find them.