September Challenge, week 3: Kids!

Let me tell you, I love to shoot my kids! Shoot photos, that is…

How you doing?  Are you keeping up? It looks like only a few folks are continuing to participate in this month’s challenge. That’s fine with me, mainly because I facilitate these Photo Challenges because I need the motivation to try new things, and shoot on a schedule. I figured, a while ago, that there were others who like a little push too.

So, if you’re still wanting to participate, get out and do it! There’s no rule against joining a challenge mid-month. So, feel welcome.

This week’s focus, during our month long portrait shooting, is children. We’re trying to challenge our gift and shoot the kids. Darren has a good blog post at the Digital Photography School, for shooting kids. Oh yeah, and here’s another sweet article on shooting kids.

DSC_3631Rex AuerAhhhh! My toe!

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  1. trevor

    Why not! If all you can find are tweens, then shoot away!

    Also, shooting strangers’ kids might work, if you have a photo/business card and can offer them a way to view the photos. You might even offer them copies, at least digital copies, to offset any apprehension they may have.

  2. skye

    I’m still participating, but unfortunately, my pool of people is small and schedules are conflicting. I wonder if others are having the same issue. I really hope to have more submissions this week, because I love photographing kids. Think I’m gonna have to ask strangers to take shots of their kids, though, because most kids I know are too old now 🙁

    Would you consider a tween (12-14) a kid still?


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