2008 Challenge guidelines

I don’t really want a list of rules. The problem with that is that many would choose not to participate if they felt they couldn’t follow the rules. So, let me make one thing clear…

I would rather you make every effort to participate, even if you must miss a week or break a rule.

With that in mind, let’s cover a few things that I’d like you consider when setting out to participate in the 2008 Challenge.

  1. Shoot one great shot a week, each week in 2008.
  2. Try to plan out your shot.
  3. The goal is to document your community.

That’s it! Just make every effort to consider each week what best represents your community, for that week. Now, don’t think you’re off the hook when you’re out of town or on vacation/holiday. For that week, your community has changed. So, make sure your submission reflects that!

Additionally, you’ll need to know what to do about your submission. Well, I’d highly recommend that you upload it to your photo-sharing site of preference. Most of you will use Flickr or Zooomr. Please make sure to tag your image with “2008challenge”! This will help me be able to track the participants and compile our work throughout the year.

I’d also love for you to link to this blog in your description of your photo. Don’t worry about which post to link to, the main URL will work fine. (https://photochallenge.org)

Thanks for joining me in this great challenge! Oh yeah, tell all your friends!