Group Rules for Participating in The PhotoChallenge

  1. Take a new photo each week per the challenge theme. Do NOT post photos from your back catalog and do NOT use other photographers’ images.
  2. Second or further images relevant to the current weekly theme may be posted in the comments attached to your original post.
  3. Only photos relevant to the weekly theme should be posted.
  4. Photos not meeting the weekly theme or being posted too late may be removed without notice.
  5. Posts are not allowed for general discussion or sharing images unrelated to the weekly theme.
  6. Posts for the weekly theme should occur from the Sunday it commences to the Saturday it expires.
  7. No bullying or personal attacks.

Recommendations to Get the Most out of this Challenge

  1. Read each challenge thoroughly to get the most from each learning experience. To find the details of each challenge, click on the announcement post photo or bold test to get access to the Web page.
  2. Actively participate in the group. Comment on at least FIVE photo submissions for each challenge by answering the question why? in your comments. In other words, why do I like (or not like) this photo? or why did this photo catch my eye? Commenting on others’ photos helps you hone your photographic eye.
  3. Questions about the weekly challenge are welcome and general issues relevant to that weekly post may be raised within the comments on the weekly announcement.
  4. Admin welcomes any ideas you have for future challenges and we actively encourage you to bring them to our attention. We are also happy to listen to any ideas you may have to improve the Group.