2013 Challenge, Week 42: CHEMISTRY

Chemistry. The study of composition and properties of substances and elementary forms of matter. Or maybe it is the class you hated the most in school. What can you find READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 41 : SILHOUETTE

Many photographers use the technique of photographing people, objects or landscape elements against the light, to achieve an image in silhouette. The light might be natural, such as a sunset READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 40 : MOTION

For week 40 I decided to add a little more complexity and photographic techniques to the PhotoChallenge. Photographing objects in MOTION should allow you to push your skills a touch READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 39: Sky

For this week, all you have to do is look up. The theme is SKY. Shoot anything that incorporates the sky as the key element of the shot. Sunsets and READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 38: ART

What is Art? This week is your chance to answer that age-old question. For this theme, I’m just going to provide some quick examples of things that came up in READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 37 : LOVE

OK guys, this one might take some creative thinking. You can go out on the hunt to capture LOVE, or you can conceive of a nice idea, and set it READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 36 : CONDIMENTS

We all have our favorite foods such has a cheeseburger or hot dog. What makes them even more special is the ability to customize and personalize our food with the READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 35: Work

In honor of the US Labor Day holiday on September 3, this week’s theme is Work. Grab your camera and capture someone working, or your work space. Work and labor READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 34: Color

This week we are going to go out and look for color. This theme could be shot many different ways, and there will be subjects everywhere you look. You could READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 33 : SELF PORTRAIT

In today’s Instagrammed world, overwhelmed with duck-faced teenaged girls posting 10x a day, we’re a little sick of self portraits, or selfies. However, for the serious photographer, the self portrait READ MORE →