About Steve Troletti

I'm a Location Scout, Editorial, Nature, Wildlife and Environmental Photographer based in Malibu, California. I specialize in Nature and Urban Nature photography including Infrared Landscapes. The Bulk of my work takes place in the Los Angeles, California area, Greater Montreal Region, Canada, Switzerland, France and Varese in Northern Italy. Ethical wildlife photography is the main priority and focus of my work. A minimum disturbance of the animals, their habitat and the environment is my top priority. This applies as much to total wilderness areas as it does to urban nature environments. Ongoing education of environmental issues and building awareness for the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas around the world is what drives me to document the beauty that surrounds us.

2021 WEEK 41 – FLASHBACK Challenge

This week as a flashback challenge, I’m bringing back this old challenge from 2008 inspired by both the founder of The PhotoChallenge, Trevor Carpenter and Jeremy Brooks who was not only an early contributor but a very good friend of Trevor’s READ MORE →


I want you to focus on how the impact of the current logistics and supply chain issues are affecting your local community. That leaves a very broad spectrum of possibilities from shipping vessels to the food you serve on your table. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 35: Super Guest Challenge

Let’s focus on our challenge, it’s a simple photography challenge themed around the word “FARM”. Very much like our “FISH” challenge, I’m giving you total artistic interpretation.

That means I want you to think carefully about your subject first and then create to the best of your abilities, an amazing photograph that relates to the word “FARM”. READ MORE →

2021 WEEK 31 – FISH

This week I decided to make a creative challenge based on the theme word “FISH”…

A theme that relies simply on the association of the final image and its relation to the word “FISH”. READ MORE →


I chose a Wine Glass as I’m sure that every home will have one in some form or another, whether it be big, small, Crystal or even plastic. The challenge is to create something special using all the different aspects of photography that we have covered over the years. READ MORE →


This week we’re going back in time 5 years to a Long Exposure Water PhotoChallenge. Some of you Long-Time community members may have already participated in this challenge. If you READ MORE →


The first element of this challenge is to capture happiness or something that brings you happiness. These images of happiness can be as much a smiling child just like they can be of an object or natural place like a waterfall, as long as that subject portrays happiness for you. READ MORE →

WEEK: 17 – Home Improvements, Repairs & Maintenance

If there’s one thing about a home regardless of its age, set on a foundation, on wheels, or floating, there always seems to be something to do in order to READ MORE →

WEEK 10: The Curse of the PhotoChallenge

There is however a photographic art to time-lapse photography. It’s not just an accelerated video, it’s carefully planned photography put together to create a smooth accelerated video effect. READ MORE →

WEEK 5: The Photographic Wheel of Fortune

I decided to bring back an older theme we’ve used in the past, actually, Eric Minbiole was the last contributor to bring the wheel back to life for WEEK 40 of the 2018 PhotoChallenge. READ MORE →