2017 Photochallenge, week 18: Egg Timer Panning Time Lapse

A time lapse can be great, but a smooth pan of the camera throughout your time lapse is just awesome! Personally I wouldn’t invest in an out of this world READ MORE →

2017 Photochallenge week 13 – Minimalism – Panning Motion

    Let me remind you, Minimalism is “design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect.” What does that mean? It READ MORE →


Since the November 25, 2015 Challenge will involve a great deal of work, I decided to be nice and base this week’s Challenge on an easy but seldom practiced technique called PANNING. READ MORE →

2014 Challenge, Week 6: PANNING

Welcome to week 6 of the 2014 challenge! This week we will focus on a technique that can be used to convey a sense of motion in a still photo: READ MORE →

2009 Challenge, Day 258: PANNING

Today is Tuesday, September 15th, 2009. Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is PANNING. I’m sure we’ve done this theme before. However, today I was looking through a travel magazine, and READ MORE →

2021 Week 14: Creative Shutter Speed

This week we are taking a trip back to our camera settings and focusing (no pun intended) on specifically shutter speed and why it is important both technically and creatively. READ MORE →

WEEK 10: The Curse of the PhotoChallenge

There is however a photographic art to time-lapse photography. It’s not just an accelerated video, it’s carefully planned photography put together to create a smooth accelerated video effect. READ MORE →

2020 WEEK 39: Objects in Motion

This week we’ll be attempting to capture the concept of motion in our photos. In other words, capturing the feeling of motion in an otherwise static scene. In terms of technique, you will need a shutter speed slow enough to achieve blur of the objects in motion, but the specific shutter speed will be relative to the speed of your subject. READ MORE →

WEEK 42: Selective Color

For this week’s challenge, we’ll experiment with one of my favorite photographic effects: Selective Color. (Also known as Selective Desaturation.) With this effect, most everything in the photo appears black READ MORE →

WEEK 30: Motion Blur

Most of the time, our pictures tend to freeze time in the exact instant the photo was taken. This tends to stop all movement, resulting in a more static, motionless image. However, if we intentionally slow down the shutter, then moving objects will tend to blur, and your photo will better convey a sense of motion. As always, let’s dive into some examples: READ MORE →