2021 WEEK 40: Rhythm in Composition

One very potent element of composition is rhythm. Usually it’s hiding in plain sight: One rarely tries to find elements predominantly linked to music in photos. Yet it can be very effective to create some sort of order and interest in our photos.

What exactly does rhythm means in a photo?

A photo that shows recurring elements or some sort of repeating pattern containing the element of rhythm. Anything showing frequency or periodicity can be broken down to a basic rhythm. Actually it is best described with a set of example photos.

Agility by Ulrike Lukasczyk, 2021

Example photos on Pinterest

Introducing Dasha Pears

Dasha Pears is a conceptual photographer based in Finland. I admire her work greatly. It is very tidy and clean on first glance, yet very deep if you dare to take a closer look. She is using the element of rhythm in her work often and very successfully.


Reading material and more inspiration

My favourite source, the Digital Photography School has a great article about the use of rhythm in photography.

Reading through this first article you will notice that it is directly linked with patterns on one hand and the rule of odds (or odd numbers) on the other hand. The latter is described in detail in a second article.

Challenge Summary

  • Take a new photo using the element of rhythm as described in the example photos or articles.
  • Apply the basic elements of composition and have fun experimenting.
  • SOOC (straight out of camera) or post edit your photo during the week of Sunday, October 3 and Saturday, October 9.
  • Please remember to comment on at least FIVE photo submissions this week by answering the question “why?” in your comments. In other words, “why do I like (or not like) this photo?” or “why did this photo catch my eye?” Thank you!

About Ulrike Lukasczyk

While photography always fascinated me I seriously started learning techniques and composition only back in 2016. One of my first sources of learning material and feedback was this group: The Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge. Being insatiably curious I dived into all kinds of subjects and techniques until I finally dared to photograph people. That really is what excites me most about photography: capturing real people at the right moment, their personalities, their stories and even their dreams. This is contrasting quite nicely with my day-to-day business. I’ve got an engineering degree in biotechnology and work full time as a scientist in research. At least my husband and two kids also like my photography hobby and encourage me to pursue it, modeling for me or discussing my ideas. We live in a village near Darmstadt in Germany. We like traveling with our Unimog camper (www.derullimog.de) and I also enjoy horseback riding and Yoga. Now I’m very happy and excited to join the admin team of this group and give something back to the community: challenge ideas, encouragement and photography tips. My photos can be found via the search function in the Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge group on Facebook, on Instagram at www.instagram.com/mindseyes_ul/ or my portfolio site: https://ulliluke.myportfolio.com.