2019 Week 34: Your favourite Artists

Your Challenge if you choose to accept it is to produce your Interpretation of a piece of Art, produced by your favourite or chosen Artists.

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My interpretation of a Salvador Dali Photograph.

I chose Salvador Dali because of his expansive artistic repertoire including film, sculpture and photography. I especially like his unorthodox use of distortion, not conforming to rules, traditions, or modes of conduct: an unorthodox ideology.

Salvador Dali, portrait by Roger Higgins, 1965

Definition of Art

In its broadest sense, art is a form of communication. It means whatever the artist intends it to mean and this meaning is shaped by the materials, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates in its viewers. Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts and observations. This includes your photography.


Choose the style of photography that best portrays the Artist’s style, from your perspective. You may choose to work straight from the camera, adding filters and/or in camera editing. However, if you like post production or fancy having a dabble then go for it. Post processing is just as important as capturing the image, and shouldn’t be looked down upon as a lesser art form.

By the way there are plenty of free editing programs if you fancy having a dabble. You can learn a lot just by playing with a copy of your image. Please make sure you use a copy.

Don’t fret if you’re thinking HELP. If you’re thinking “I don’t know who I like,” then maybe check out artists who produce Art that leans toward your style of image by using a search engine. Your image source can be from sculpture, canvas and drawings or other photographers work’ and I’m sure most of you will come up with other great ideas.

How to Post

So, once you have decided who and what you intend to portray with your camera art,  post a brief description, as I did above, of who the Artist is and why you like their work.

As always remember to have fun and be creative. Out of the box interpretations are encouraged

The friendly community guidelines are pretty simple:

  • Take a new photo for the current weekly theme, not something from your back catalog or someone else’s image.
  • Post your photo each week to our active communities on Facebook or Flickr (or both). Tag the photo:  #2019photochallenge #photochallenge #tempusaura
  • Don’t leave home without your camera. Participating in the 2019 Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge is fun and easy.
  • Post your photo during the week of Sunday 18th August to Saturday 24th August.
  • Please remember to comment on at least FIVE photo submissions this week, by answering the question “why?” in your comments. In other words, “why do I like (or not like) this photo? or “why did this photo catch my eye?”

About Peter Randall

As a youngster I was fascinated by camera’s. At about the age of 10 years I was bought a Ilford film camera which I proceeded to capture images as and when film was available, not very often because it was expensive at the time. While at school in the early seventies I was studying Art with a view to going to University. I abandoned my plans for an opportunity in press photography, however the business was struggling within a couple of years and I was made redundant after three years. This gave me some basic ground work after which I continued with photography as a hobby photographing family & friends. Between 1980 to 1985 I had my own darkroom processing both colour & B&W film. Printing my own photographs. I liked Kodak products for colour and Ilford for B&W. I often though about joining a photographic club but family life was busy, never did get round to it. I especially liked photographing my family as they grew up. When we had our second son in 1986. I bought a Canon (camcorder) and developed a liking for amateur video work. At the time I had a Commodore Amiga computer, which at that time had the best graphics so I indulged in Video editing adding titles and cross over fades. During the 1990’s I started building my own computers and this developed into paths crossing with video work. Early digitisation of video. Like many things the early days were painful LOL. I remember video capture cards and hard drives struggling to keep pace with the necessary speed to capture. Setting up the software options in those days was a nightmare because software was definitely not user friendly. Looking back I think I jumped ship from film photography to Digital too early. The early Digital images were not Pretty. But the appeal of the concept was too enchanting. 1996 was the beginning of my Digital Photographic Journey. Despite my initial hiccups with Digital photography, I was definitely sold. Being able to transfer digitised images to your computer. The possibilities of the digital Darkroom and beyond. I joined the PhotoChallenge group in April 2014, and Ive been learning ever since. Joining the group helped me turn the tap back on allowing my creativity to flow again. I found myself anticipating each weekly challenge. I was motivated by discussions, ideas and techniques presented within the group. Constructive Criticism was always very useful because sometimes we can get lost on the journey. However although it’s really good to know the rules it’s so much fun to break them.