I don’t know why but I’m sort of fascinated by bridges when it comes to photography, especially those who cross a waterway. I’ve been fortunate enough to live and visit places like Montreal, Canada, Long Beach, California, Benevento, Italy and Fribourg, Switzerland. All cities with bridges, some islands with no way out except for the use of a bridge or tunnel.


Some of you may remember our HDR Photo Challenge, under the bridge. This time we’re going to look for views of or from anything from passerelles to full-scale bridges.

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: INFRARED - INFRAROUGE &emdash; Pont de bois à l'île Grosbois - IR

For a long time, infrared photography has been my medium of choice for capturing bridges. I can’t say I know why, I guess the surreal look brings them to the audience under a new light, making an ordinary and mundane bridge more appealing to the eye.

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: PICTURE OF THE DAY / PHOTO DU JOUR &emdash; Pont ver l'ile Grosbois - IR

Sometimes the destination can be just as alluring as the bridge itself, that’s when a wide-angle lens or even a fisheye lens can bring forward an interesting view from your bridge of choice. In the above image, a fisheye lens was used to capture both the bridge and the entire island at the end of the bridge…

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: INFRARED - INFRAROUGE &emdash; Île de la Commune - IR

At times the bridge is but a vantage from where to shoot. Bridges give us a platform to photograph from places we ordinarily could not, such as standing over water.

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: INFRARED - INFRAROUGE &emdash; Le chenal La Passe - IR

I sometimes look at bridges as the poor man’s drone. Without bridges, capturing the above image with add a layer of unnecessary complexity.

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: INFRARED - INFRAROUGE &emdash; Ponceau à arches - IR - Arch bridge

Bridges come in all shapes and sizes but I must admit it’s the old ones that seem to hold my interest. Wooden and especially stone bridges.

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: PICTURE OF THE DAY / PHOTO DU JOUR &emdash; Chinese Garden - Infrared / Jardin de Chine - Infrarouge

More often than not, stone bridges are smaller and located in rich cultural sites adding spice to your photography.

Sometimes the only way to fully immerse your audience is to present them with a 360-degree spherical panoramic image revealing every angle that surrounds you.


Any image taken of a bridge or from a bridge is what we’re looking for. When I say bridge, it’s any structure that bridges two end points.

It’s up to you to choose how you will photograph your subject. I encourage you to be creative. Therefore please add essence to your creation by using more involved techniques such as long exposures or taking advantage of different lighting situations from dusk till dawn. Don’t be afraid to experiment with filters such as a circular polarizer to accentuate contrasts and control reflections. ND filters can also enhance your images by reducing the amount of light entering your lens, thus favoring long exposures.

Your images can be in any format such as color, monochrome, infrared or even as a 360 Google Streetview photosphere.


The friendly community guidelines are pretty simple:

  • Post one original photograph (Your Image) shot each week per theme posted on this blog to our active community on our Facebook GroupFlickr Groupor 500PX group (or all three). Tag the photo:  #10thanniversaryphotochallenge #2018photochallenge #photochallenge #tempusaura
  • The shot should be a new shot you took for the current weekly theme, not something from your back catalog or someone else’s image.
  • Don’t leave home without your camera. Participating in the 2018 Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge is fun and easy.


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About Steve Troletti

I'm a Location Scout, Editorial, Nature, Wildlife and Environmental Photographer based in Malibu, California. I specialize in Nature and Urban Nature photography including Infrared Landscapes. The Bulk of my work takes place in the Los Angeles, California area, Greater Montreal Region, Canada, Switzerland, France and Varese in Northern Italy. Ethical wildlife photography is the main priority and focus of my work. A minimum disturbance of the animals, their habitat and the environment is my top priority. This applies as much to total wilderness areas as it does to urban nature environments. Ongoing education of environmental issues and building awareness for the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas around the world is what drives me to document the beauty that surrounds us.