Week 16: Beverly’s challenge

This week, I’d like to dedicate our photo challenge to Beverly Furillo Madison, one of our most colorful members, who passed away earlier this week. Beverly had so many talents. She was a great photographer, with an eye for the unexpected, as well as a true original artist. Beverly’s paintings were just as bold and colorful as Beverly herself, and her artwork often showed a wicked sense of humor (we shared a fondness for creepy dolls, and had so much fun with the Uncanny Valley challenge).


Beverly’s submission for the ‘Self portrait without self’ challenge

For me, Beverly’s greatest talent was to reach out and make friends. Even though we never met in person, and live half a globe away, Beverly connected and learned me so much about being your true, colorful self. This is a lesson for which I’m very grateful, and which I will treasure.

On behalf of Steve, Jeanie and Eric, I wish Beverly’s family and friends strength and love in this sad time.

The challenge

And of course, there’s is only one theme possible this week: bright, bold colors. Here are some of Beverly’s pictures and paintings to inspire you.


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I live in the middle of the Netherlands together with Significant Other (who features regularly in my Photochallenge images) and my two cats Bumper and Pebbles (who are also no stranger to modelling). I’ve been glued to my compact camera for the last ten years, still love my Sony RX-100 and switched to a Nikon D7200 in 2015. I love street photography, conceptual photography, macro and still life. You can find my portfolio at www.maaaike.nl

One Reply to “Week 16: Beverly’s challenge”

  1. Rob Burns

    What a great idea for a challenge. Like you I also was befriended by Beverly and we had great chats about photography life animals and the universe. Her passing has been very hard to deal with.