We can’t do a year of black and white challenges without including Street Photography. Street photography is about capturing moments of everyday life in public places. Most often street photography takes place READ MORE →

2016 PhotoChallenge, Week 12: Still life – Dutch masters – Guest Post

This week’s challenge takes us back to the 17th century, the golden age of Dutch painting. It was in this period that still life (derived from Dutch ‘stilleven’) emerged as READ MORE →

2016 PhotoChallenge, Week 11: PORTRAITS – BOUNCE

As we advance in our portrait creating skills, new techniques will open up doors for us that we’ll later discover enhance even our most basic photographs. More often you’ll find READ MORE →

2016 PHOTOCHALLENGE, WEEK 10: OUTDOOR – Brenizer Method

Most of you are probably wondering what the “BRENIZER METHOD” is… It’s simple, it’s a technique by which you simulate the look of an image captured on a larger format READ MORE →