2013 Challenge, Week 26: Money

The theme to mark the halfway point of the 2013 Challenge is Money. This theme has many possibilities. It could be a great excuse to get out that macro lens READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 25: SUNSET/SUNRISE

OK y’all, we’re already at week #25! So exciting to see the mid-point of the year arrive. At this point, you should have a firm grasp of what to do READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 24: BUGS

Here we are week 24 of the 2013 PhotoChallenge and Spring is rolling to an end. Birds are are in full nesting season and the primary source of food for READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 23: Summer

Summer – that magical time when we can relax for a few months with not a care in the world. Well, maybe only for kids. Even if you don’t have READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 22: Cliche

Ok, so this week I’m suggesting that you try for something that might be a little provocative, if you will. I’m not talking about risqué, but possibly off-putting. What? Shoot the READ MORE →