2013 Challenge, Week 19: Home

Home – a small word that has a lot of meaning. Home can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb, and the meaning changes with how it’s used.

A home is something most people have, but home means something different to each person. Some think of it simply as the building where they reside, while others think of the place where they are most comfortable. Regardless of the definition, we have a strong emotional attachment to that place we call home. This week you get to show us how you see home.

You can focus on the structure. It doesn’t have to be your house, it could be a house you see as an icon for home.

Looking Into the Past: Home

“Looking Into the Past” by ~S!nky~

Home can be a feeling, or a sense of security. In the United States we’ve had a lot of people leave home to serve our country. The return home can be a powerful experience for service members, and their family.

Welcome Home

“Welcome Home” by The U.S. Army

You can show an aspect of life at home, either in a room or out in the yard.


“Kitchen” by Shelba

Or you can show a small slice of your home life, and reveal some of your personality with a simple image.


“Bedside” by AlwaysBreaking

You may not have to go very far this week, but it could be a challenge coming up a shot that represents what home means to you. Good luck!

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