2013 Challenge, Week 11: Geometry

One of my favorite subjects way back in high school was geometry. Yeah, I know some of you are cringing right now, but I loved it. That could be one of the reasons I love photography – the relationships between shapes and lines draws me into a photo. Just consider the definition:

Geometry – a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. – from Wikepedia

That sounds a lot like what we consider with composing a photo, so your homework this week is geometry.

Think about shapes, lines, and how they intersect to make a great photo. Strong lines can make a great photo, like this stairwell.


“Geometries” by Paco CT

Or take something very common, and change the perspective to see how the lines and shapes come together.


“Pilon_1128” by davidcoxon

OK, I like stairwells, so here’s another example of strong lines making shapes.

Stair geometry

“Stair geometry” by tanakawho

Buildings often combine shapes to form compelling shapes.

[ human in geometry ]

“[ human in geometry ]” by [ changó ]

A word of caution on buildings – this challenge is about the shapes and lines, not architecture. Concentrate on the geometry, not the architectural elements of buildings. But if you spot good architecture, make a note. You might need it later this year.

For this week, consider the geometry around you and use that to make a great photo.

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