2013 Challenge, Week 13: Entropy

Yes, yes, yes! We’ve shot entropy at least 3 other times, throughout the history of PhotoChallenge.org. But guess what? I LOVE IT!!! One of the past posts I simply defined READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 12: Technology

Keeping in mind that the personal computer started creeping into our homes in the 1980s, technology has been evolving at an astronomical rate. Our daily lives in modern society are READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 11: Geometry

One of my favorite subjects way back in high school was geometry. Yeah, I know some of you are cringing right now, but I loved it. That could be one READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 10: Black And White

This week, we are going back to basics. Once upon a time, all photography was black and white. It was up to the photographer to work within the limits of READ MORE →

2013 Challenge, Week 9: Road

Welcome to week #9 of the 2013 Challenge! Glad you’ve hung in this long! If you’re new around here, welcome! You’re joining an awesome community of photographers who desire to READ MORE →