August Challenge, 2010: Vehicles

We have had a month off since the last Monthly Challenge. Are you ready to shoot and post a photo each day? For the August Challenge, we will be shooting Vehicles! This will leave you a wide range of subject matter, from scooters to big rig trucks and everything in between.

"Red White Scooter" by moriza

“Red White Scooter” by moriza

You can shoot the entire vehicle, or focus on interesting details. Shoot a different vehicle every day, or shoot a new detail on the same vehicle. It’s up to you — just have fun!

"Austin" by 96dpi

“Austin” by 96dpi

When you post your daily photo, be sure to submit it to the Flickr Group Pool, and tag it with “augustchallenge2010”. Happy shooting!

"When You're Out There On The Road" by Thomas Hawk

“When You’re Out There On The Road” by Thomas Hawk

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