January Challenge, 2009: Self Portraits

Well, with the 2009 Challenge now announced, I’m sure you’re getting ready to shoot daily, all year long. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be great! But, don’t forget about our bimonthly READ MORE →

2009 Challenge

Have you seen those 365 day, self portrait photo projects? If you’re on Flickr, you probably have. You set out to take a self portrait of yourself, (that’s what a READ MORE →

Hello – An Introduction

Hi there! My name is Jeremy Brooks, and as Trevor mentioned, I will be joining the photochallenge.org blog staff. First, a little about me. Professionally, I’m a senior software engineer. In READ MORE →

Changes and a New Year

As we approach the end of PhotoChallenge.org‘s first full year, I’m quite satisfied with the work you all have accomplished. Last year at this time, I was announcing the beginning READ MORE →

See your local recruiter…

Hey, are you a fan of PhotoChallenge.org? Do you love to take photographs of all sorts of subjects? I’m looking to reevaluate the publishing cycle and activity here on PhotoChallenge.org, READ MORE →