July Challenge recap

I’ve seen two types of photographs constantly represented in your submissions for this challenge.

First, I’ve seen many of you who did an amazing job of photographing your subject light fixture. You capture the fixture, and a great sample of the light it produces. There are some submissions that could easily be caught in a magazine or catalog, advertising said fixture. Wonderful job!

Second, I’ve seen many of you experimenting with the various ways to capture the light, in an artistic manner. What I mean here is that sometimes I see gorgeous light, bathing a wall, the fog, or the vicinity around the fixture. Many of you have created great works of art, whilst allowing your subject fixture paint your canvas. Wonderful job!

This challenge was fun to watch, as you all created great submissions. Below are some of my favorites, and I’m proud to have had each of you participate.

Keep a special watch here, because in the first few days of August, I’ll be announcing the September Challenge. This one will be a fun, big step for PhotoChallenge.org, you won’t want to miss it!

dusk hushJuly 5th - Hotel LampCanon EOS 20 6 08 584blue slitsLights, Day 11: Photon LightCockpitCamplightLights, Day: 24 Bare CFPAD 20080707Lights, Day 17: Entryway CeilingWatch Your Step07 14 Light Fixture Colorful Shade Close UpJuly Challenge Day 15light raysPAD 20080701I Want To BelievePhotochallenge.org : 2008.07.02 : CFL ceiling fan lightcircling light38/52 Photon cannonUp EarlyPath LightingPhotochallenge.org: 2008.07.09 : LED FlashlightFeed Me!lighting fixture2In the heat of the nightPhotochallenge.org : 2008.07.04 : Rays of lightRed ceiling lightA Dim First Day 1 of 31Five Lights and Some StairsPhotochallenge.org July Challenge 20080725The Bedroom LightDangling Pendants