May Challenge

For the regular challenge participants, you were expecting a June Challenge. Unfortunately, as I’ve looked at the rest of my year, I knew that I’d need to change up the current pattern. Last year I started with the October Challenge. Then we shot portraits for the December Challenge. Then came the February Challenge, and now we’re shooting for the April Challenge. I have really enjoyed the every-other-month pattern, so far. Generally speaking, I’ll be keeping that pattern. However, I need to mix it up just a bit.

So, today I’m announcing the May Challenge. On the last day of April, we’ll shoot and post our last entropy shot. Then, the following morning, we’ll awake to discover the beginning of the May Challenge. What will we shoot? What do you have to look forward to learning and trying that’s new and challenging?

I missed out on Neil Creek’s first Iron Chef Photography project, called “fork”. Neil’s projects are a little more contest like, however we can learn from them. Basically, participants shot a fork, for the purpose of fine art. The results were awesome! I was disappointed to miss out on that project. Neil’s current project is called Share the Love. I’ve already planned a submission for this one.

The Fork project got me thinking. I started considering what a challenge would look like that forced everyone to photograph the same object, but give it their own twist. Then I thought about how we would all grow if we had to photograph that same object multiple times.

Now, don’t freak out. I’m not suggesting that we photograph one object all month. That would become very boring. However, I am telling you that each week, I’ll select a new object of our aim.

Additionally, I won’t let you plan ahead. I’ll announce each week’s object on Sunday, beginning each week. I have already selected 2 of the objects. If you’d like to make any suggestions, please comment below. I’d love to consider your ideas!

The same system will apply to this challenge. We’ll each submit our daily shot, carefully tagging it on Flickr. This time, I’d like to include the year, so pay attention. We’ll tag them all with “maychallenge2008“.

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  2. trevor

    @Meline, Thank you for your comments on the PhotoChallenge website. Your question about choosing an object that might be difficult for you, in France, is a good one. This has made me think of all the objects, considering that they be obtainable in a variety of cultures. Thanks for making me think a little bit more creatively!

    Oh, and welcome to the PhotoChallenge!

  3. Méline

    Hi !
    I’ve seen about this challenge on flickr. It seems a fun thing to do, maybe I’ll join you. But what if I don’t have the object you choose (for instance, a baseball, in france, is rather uncommon). BTW. i’m living in France 😉

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  5. Chica

    I’ve never taken part in any of your challenges, but through I’ve wanted too. I’ve seen him do it since I’ve known the blog, so perhaps in May I will jump on the bandwagon. I’m excited to hear what you’ve got in store. 🙂


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