April Challenge, halfway

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Entropy is everywhere and all around us. Speaking for my own experience, I have begun to look for old and broken things everywhere. I see the wrinkles in every old person’s face. I see the rust on every vehicle. I see the peeling paint on every building. It’s amazing how participating in themed challenges brings to your attention the target that you hunt.

What follows are some of my favorite submissions, as found on Flickr. I know there are others, but I’m concerned about empty squares as other photo-sharing sites go through random upgrades. Enjoy.

The Last Shot... PAD #1105Rusty DragTired ducks on a tire.Old booksheadingWestBroken GutteringBroom HandleEntropy 14: Tilting garageWind WarningStairway from the past to the fairy tale placeEntropy, Downsized from Cubicle to Trash HeapRusty paperclippeeling lettersIn the Weeds - Entropy #10Ouch, that's gonna leave a markrustedEntropy #9Not Your TimeDon't go down there... PAD #1096Rusty SmileK&T entropyBroken BricksOld Barn - Entropy #5Weathered GoalEntropy 3: Inside barnturnASquareEntropy #2April Challenge #1Still Life, with Entropy