April Challenge – Entropy, recap

I think this challenge has effected me more than I thought it would. As a photographer, I’m more aware of what I’m hunting now. I see broken down and rusty things everywhere. Two of my last few submissions were taken whilst I was waiting for my carpool partners, after work. One friend said, “What are you taking a picture of?” I went on to describe to him what the cracks in the concrete represent. He either thinks I’m real weird, or really insightful. Probably weird.

Anyway, this challenge also reminded me of how many people really enjoy participating in group projects like this. I think there’s something inside of us that yearns to not only belong to a community, but to be involved in that community. We yearn to belong.

As you saw in my mid-month post, there are a whole lot of people who participated in this challenge. Nearly 700 submissions by over 40 people. That’s great!

One of the most active participants, Jeremy Brooks, took it upon himself to produce a sweet video of his work on the April Challenge. It’s embedded below. Then, below that are some of my faves.

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