February Challenge

OK sports fans, it’s time to get ready for the February Challenge. I know you’re all working hard on the 2008 Challenge, shooting your communities each week, but this is different. Last October we chose to shoot black & white all month, challenging ourselves to grow and understand the beautiful complexity of B&W.

Then in December we shot a portrait a day, all month long. This challenge forced me to grow to love portraiture so much, that I’ve adapted my own business plan to focus primarily on shooting portraits. I’m now working to get equipment that is better suited for taking portraits.

So, following the every-other-month pattern, February 2008 is the next month for a challenge. I’ve worked hard the last few weeks developing some ideas and even bouncing them off of a few wise photographers I know.

I’ve decided to pursue a Color Theory challenge. What is Color Theory? Well, for our purposes it is basically making a concerted effort to capture an image with one single color overwhelming the majority of the image. Basically, your photo should be primarily one color. Be creative though, I’d love to see photos that capture a color in a new and unorthodox way.

For fear that I’m not getting it across to you, I’ve included a handful of great examples below.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. I want three images a week. Not bad, no? It’s not one a day, but not one a week. Additionally, I want you to choose the same color for the whole week. Then, a new color for the following week. Since February spans 5 weeks, you’ll need to have 5 different colors, with 3 images each. Get it?

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  23. Katie the Scrapbook Lady

    I would love to participate – where do we post our photos for the challenge once February is here. I’m fairly new to your blog and site so I’m just trying to figure it all out. I would love to post a link to this on my blog.


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  27. laanba

    Three a week! You are a task master, but I’m a big color lover so I’m going to try. Even if I don’t make 15 photos I’m sure to get some good ones to add to my collection.

  28. Hitesh Sawlani

    Sounds good! I’ve seen a number of flickr accounts with most of their photos featuring this “colour theory” type photo, never really been good at spotting such things myself.

    Count me in.

  29. Jeremy Hall

    I had to leave a comment to just laugh at Jeremy Brooks comment. Made me actually chuckle out loud. I can’t tell you how many times I bring the camera up to my eye only to see black because I haven’t removed the lens cap. I guess it is because I am so good about putting it back on to protect the lens.

    I am new to reading on the challenges and missed the December one, which would have been fun. I think I’ll give this one a shot.

  30. Russa Waldren

    interesting twist, the one color each week stipulation. I’m only 2 weeks into your 2008 challenge, and already I find myself randomly thinking about the shots. with my luck I’ll probably start dreaming in single colors after a week of february’s challenge.. 🙂 looking forward to seeing if I can keep up.

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